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Arrival time:

Because of Coronavirus, there are currently fewer departures. Please contact your coach operator for further details.
Please note that wearing a face-covering is mandatory on the site.
We will inform you about any changes. Your Bus-Port Hamburg team

Time Operators line Point of Arrival Platform Status
18:30 Flixbus 050 Flensburg 5  on time
19:30 Flixbus 050 Berlin ZOB 7  on time
19:35 Flixbus 050 Kiel 9  on time
Last Update: 18:15
Platform 5
Flixbus, line 050
to Flensburg
 on time
Platform 7
Flixbus, line 050
to Berlin ZOB
 on time
Platform 9
Flixbus, line 050
to Kiel
 on time
Last Update: 18:15